Maui Tiki Mugs and Tours of Tikis on Maui. Tiki Mugs in 3 colors Green Tiki Mug, Brown Maui Tiki Mug and Blue Maui Tiki Mug

Maui Tiki Tours is an ongoing project of Rob Hawes also known in the Tiki Community as TikiRob or MauiTiki.

Rob has lived on Maui since 1989 and has been a collector of Tiki Mugs for 8 years.
He lives with his wife and two children in South Maui and runs a Graphic Design business.
He always has a project in the works and here are a few links to some of his past projects...

Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Full Face Temporary Tattoos - Rob and his daughter created
full face temporary Tattoos as a kickstarter project. Easier and better looking than make-up
his sugar skull tattoos have become a big hit. Order your sugar Skull tattoos today.

Tradewind Graphics - is Rob's Graphic Design company on Maui. Tradewind Graphics specializes in
Hawaiian style printed material and websites. They produce brochures, rack cards, CD's,
presentation folders, posters, websites and much more.

You can contact Rob at

Visit his instagram page by clicking here

Like His Mug Making Facebook Page by clicking here.

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