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Welcome to East Maui, home ot some of Maui's most beautiful scenery and some great Tiki's!

Hana is quite a drive from most anywhere on Maui. Along the way you'll drive along the North Shore and into the Hana rainforest. There is not much for Tiki's along the way, and not much easily visible in Hana Town. Just about a mile beyond Hana Town (on your way to the 7 Sacred Pools of Oheo), you'll fine the entrance to a private estate with these two HUGE tiki's marking the drive way.
This beauty sits to the left of the same driveway. the sign to his right reads "Residence of Leslie & Cotla Eade."

Don't miss these two beauties on you drive to Hana.

These are probably my most favorite Tiki's on all of Maui. They probably stand 8+ feet tall. Pull off the Hana highway for a closer look and photos!

Be sure to stop at the pools of Oheo, formerly known as the 7 sacred pools. If the crowds at the ocean side pools are not your style, take the hike up from the parking lot through the bamboo forest to Waimoku Falls (right). I would give this my vote for the best hike on Maui. It's about a 2 mile hike to the falls and well worth it.
After a dip in the seven pools of Oheo, or the hike through the bamboo forest above the pools, continue driving about 5 minutes and you'll fine a small road leading toward the ocean. The road is marked with two signs. The larger of the two is for the Congregational Church where Charles Lindbergh is buried. The second is for Oheo stables. Drive down the one lane road and to your right you'll find the shelter and starting point of the Oheo Stables horseback riding tours. Along with the horse shelter Oheo Stables has some new tiki's. The photo here was taken soon after this tiki was carved a few years back. The second image shows a closeup of how the tiki looks today.
In the same horse pasture you'll find the newest addition to Oheo and what may be one of the tallest Tiki's on Maui. An unbelieveably beautiful Lono, mounted on a pile of neatly stacked lava rocks.
This little guy is farther up the hill but still within the Oheo Stables horse pasture. This photo was taken when he was new and I'm sure he has taken on the beautiful color that comes with the Hana rain.

While down at Oheo Stables you may as well continue to the left and visit the church and the grave site of Charles Lindbergh an American hero. The park here is a great spot for a picnic and views of the ocean from atop the cliff.

Hint: Peek behind the church to see the tiny monkey graves of Charles' good friend Sam Pryor.

That's all for East Maui. Turn back the way you came or continue on to find the dirt road that will take you through Kaupo and Ulupalakua.


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