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Gearing up for halloween and don't know what to be?
Here are step by step Tiki Halloween Costume buildiing directions!
Allow three to four weeks of evenings to complete this project.

Click on the photos to enlarge.

I started with some cheap wire fencing. It's about 6 feet tall and wired together.
PVC pipe is used to support the wire frame, and give me somthing to attach the shoulder straps to.
I cut notches in the PVC and wired the framework to the PVC so it would stay in place.
The PVC needs to support the top so when it is carried by the bottom, the weight of the top doesnt collapse the tiki.
The wire frame was covered with an old bed sheet, and hand sewn on at the seams. I painted the sheet with my Paiper Mache wall paper paste mixture and let dry.
The sheet shrinks as it dries to a drum like finish. Next I taped cardboard pieces to the body of the tiki. Tape and crumpled paper on cardboard make the arms.
The Mouth was made from a thick rope that was twist tied to the metal frame to hold it in place. I began with random strips of Paiper Mache to hold everything in place.
My Paiper Mache mixture is wall paper paste and water with some garlic salt added to keep bugs from eating it in the future. Keep up the Paiper Mache!
Here the Paiper Mache is almost finished. I cut out the mouth and added my surfboard rack straps over my shoulders and around the PVC base.
Once the Paiper Mache is finished I added a coat of primer, to cover the newspaper texture.
After a cood coat of Primer they are ready for paint. I used three colors of spray paint. First I coated the entire tiki with the base brown, then added shadows with black and highlights with a beige color. I flicked some black speckles over the tikis to give them a wood like feel.
I painted some old window screen black and glued it on the inside covering the mouth.
I added two layers of Hula skirts 4 in all to each Tiki. Attach the skirts with twist tie to the metal frame. Put the tiki's on and cut the skirt to the right length so you don't trip on it.
That's it, you now have the tallest Tiki in town. This one is about 9 feet tall. Have Fun!
Which is the Statue?
Halloween Kids Parade, Front Street, Lahaina Maui
Later that night.

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