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Welcome to South Maui... and Kihei, Wailea and Makena Tiki's!

Kihei Kalama Village (Pictured above) is located at 1941 S. Kihei Road and is south Maui's Must stop for Tiki enthusiasts. There are many vendors and restaurants here. Beach Bumz is one of the vendors near the street (south Kihei Road) and they sell a variety of Tiki Mugs from Maui Tiki as well as Tiki Farm. Near the rear of the complex is KKV's own Tiki carver selling his carvings. (see photo) KKV is home to "The Tiki Shack" Maui's self proclaimed Tiki Bar. It's quite a disappointment to anyone that has been to a real tiki bar. It's a fun place to grab a snack and a drink, but don't go there looking for tiki's or a tiki atmosphere. From what I can tell their big fanged tiki masks were made in Taiwan for tourists. I'd recomend the near by Alexanders Fish and Chips over eating at the Tiki Shack
In the middle section of Kihei Kalama Village is a small Koi pond and waterfall. Standing towards the parking lot side of the pond is a great 5 foot tiki. This big guy had a potted plant on his head giving him different looks depending on how well the plant is being watered. With the nearby Tiki Torches an evening photo with this tiki is a must.
On the south side of Kihei Kalama Village is Lulu's Restaurant, which goes one step closer to becoming a Tiki bar. They actuall have Puffer fish lights, fish nets and floats, but it's mixed with so much beer advertising that it looses the whole tiki vibe. They do have a large Elviki Tiki, and a couple nice tiki's near the entrance that would have been much nicer looking with out the dayglo paint jobs and the hula skirts.

On the North end of Kihei Kalama Village is Life's a Beach Bar and Restaurant. Although they have bamboo, Lauhala and Christmas light Palm trees, don't be fooled by their all day $1 Mai Tai special. if you are over the age of 23, I wouldn't go in, you'll regret it.

Even if you are not in the market to buy a Tiki another must stop in South Maui is the "All Island Tiki" carving outpost in the outdoor market next to the McDonalds, and across from Longs Drug's along South Kihei Road. These guys do A beautiful job and by the looks of this photo they ship!

Click on the image for an expanded view.

The last stop in Kihei has to be Hilo Hattie, next to Safeway in the Piilani Shopping center. They have many cool Tiki items and even carry Tiki Farm products from time to time. A permanent fixture in the back of the store is this beautiful Tiki. The controled temperature has gotten to him and he has developed quite a crack that adds to his character.

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