Maui Tiki Mugs and Tours of Tikis on Maui. Tiki Mugs in 3 colors Green Tiki Mug, Brown Maui Tiki Mug and Blue Maui Tiki Mug

Get out a pencil and paper and keep a tally of how many times you answer NO.
Add up how many times you answer NO and see how you rate!

1. Bought a Tiki item at a thrift store?
2. Bought a Tiki item at a swap meet/flea market?
3. Bought a Tiki item on e-bay?
4. Bought a Tiki item on e-bay using “Buy-it-Now?”
5. Traded Tiki items?
6. Have a Vintage Tiki Mug?
7. Have a Tiki Mug by Orchids of Hawaii?
8. Have a Tiki Mug made by Otagiri?
9. Have a Tiki Mug made by Westwood?
10. Made a profit re-selling a Tiki item?
11. Own a vintage Tiki Restaurant Post Card?
12. Own a vintage Tiki Restaurant Matchbook?
13. Have a Tiki Mug from Munktiki?
14. Have a LTD Edition Munktiki Mug?
15. Have a Mug Made by Tiki Farm?
16. Have a Mug Made by Beachbumz - Scott Taylor?
17. Have a Tiki Candle?
18. Have a Tiki in your Yard?
19. Created your own Tiki item?
20. Sold a Tiki item you created?
21. Been to the Disneyland's “Enchanted Tiki Room?”
22. Own more than 5 Tiki shirts?
23. Actually drink out of Tiki mugs when you have friends over?
24. Have more than 10 Tiki’s in your home?
25. Have art with a Tiki in it hanging in your home?
26. Have a Tiki bar in your home?
27. Have a Tiki light/lamp?
28. Have a Tiki that is over 2 ft. tall?
29. Have a photo of you with a Tiki?
30. Bought a tiki from a carver?
31. Met another Tiki Central (TC) member?
32. Traveled more than 200 miles to attend a Tiki event?
33. Posted your photo on TC?
34. Have more than 200 Tiki Central Posts?
35. Own more than 4 Tiki Books.
36. Own the Book Tiki Quest?
37. Drank a Mai Tai with a tiki enthusiast you met online?
38. Met Otto von Stroheim?
39. Own a Shag Print (original not necessary)?
40. On a tiki related e-mail list?
41. Know who Hanford Lemoore is?
42. Own ”The Book of Tiki” hard cover?
43. Own a “Shecky” mug?
44. Received a Vintage Tiki item as a gift?
45. Watched a TV show because there would be Tiki’s in it?
46. Own a Tiki Mug designed by Shag?
47. Own “Tiki Fonts” by House Industries?
48. Have a “Tiki Sticker” on your Car/bike/computer/whatever?
49. Own a Tiki Item Made by Witco?
50. Own a Pufferfish light or Glass Ball Float?
51. Have bamboo somewhere in your home?
52. Know the difference between Lono and Ku?
53. Are you wearing a shirt with a Tiki on it, right now?
54. Own a Martin Denny album?
55. Been to a Tiki Bar in the last month?
56. Repaired a broken Tiki item?
57. Visited a place where Tiki items are made?
58. Have a Tiki related License plate or License plate frame?
59. Have more than 500 Tiki Central Posts?
60. Have over 100 Tiki items in your collection?
61. Participated in TC when it was still part of Yahoo?
62. Took an Airplane flight to see Tiki’s or attend a Tiki event?
63. Own a Tiki Mug by “TikiRob” -Rob Hawes?
64. Been to the “Kahiki” before it closed?
65. Are the pages falling out of your Tiki Quest Book?

Sooo, How'd you do?

40 to 65 No answers- “TIKI NEWBIE”
Check out Tiki Central.
Hang around this crowd long enough and you’ll be a “Tiki Freak” in No Time!

30-39 No answers- “Casual Tiki”
Looks as if you’ve gotten the Tiki bug, but you haven’t let it consume your life.

16-29 No Answers- “Tiki God”
You are a true Tiki collector and Tiki fan.

1-15 No Answers- “Tiki Freak”
Tiki has overwhelmed your life.
Time to take a break from Tiki and go on vacation.
(Maybe to Rapa Nui or the Big Island of Hawaii)

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